Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's scary out there! (And congratulations Dan and Vanessa)

First we'll start off with the obligatory "kids in costumes" pics...she's a vampire cheerleader and he's a football fan. :-)

Did everyone vote today? So many people are talking about how important this election is, a lot of the talking heads are saying there's voter apathy among the Democrats and assuming that Republicans will gain a lot of seats in congress. Let's prove them wrong, shall we?

Congratulations to my friend Dan Harris (nope, not the ABC News reporter, it's a different guy) and his new wife Vanessa, they got married on Saturday! :-) I tried to post the pic he emailed me but I can't copy it out of the PDF file it was in, if I figure out how I'll edit it in or post it separately. They're a really cute couple though, here's a link to an online interview Dan did a while back for the cruise group he runs.