Friday, April 30, 2010

Late Earth Day Post -- The Evil of GMOs

Here's a video I found recently, it's pretty long but I think what it says is important:

The Future of Food One comment that struck me was that Bt corn is itself classified as a pesticide. Would anyone want to knowingly ingest a pesticide? I DON'T THINK SO! And yet we do it all the time in the processed foods we eat, many of which contain High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Interesting article, but very scary IMO:

GM Soy linked to Sterility No more babies within three generations? Have you ever seen the movie Children of Men? If Monsanto gets their way that could be our future.

I don't have the link handy but I read another article recently that said there were tests done on fields in India that had grown GMO crops; the results showed that after three years of growing GMO crops the fields had lower than normal amounts of microorganims, the rate was 12-30% depending on what organisms were measured. The crops were killing the soil.

My take on this? GMOs are poison and should be banned. I found a printable guide online at that people can use to avoid companies that use these toxic products. There's also more info at and Also if you garden you can get your seeds from sources that don't sell GMO seed, some good companies I've heard of are Johnny's Selected Seeds, Baker Creek, and Home Town Seeds.

Based on the first two links it looks to me like Monsanto and companies like them only want to beef up their profits and they don't care who they hurt. Let's show them that's the wrong way to go.

(Some of my recent posts have been downers, I know...I've got some creative stuff going on too, just have to get some pics done and I'll be posting them too. I'm turning 40 in a couple weeks, maybe that's where this "let's do something to save the world" impulse is coming from.)