Sunday, August 14, 2011

Art and Therapy

Just thought I'd post a painting I did a while back. It wouldn't all fit on my scanner so I scanned it half at a time and then stitched it together. Not the best stitch job in the world, I'm thinking about redoing it. The plan is to open a shop on Zazzle, I thought that might be a neat idea. Easier for me than Etsy, I think. I've got a few other paintings I've done plus I can use cropped parts of this one to make different designs.

We've been having a pretty hard time with my daughter (19) lately, she's had periods of what I call "hissy fits" (emotional outbursts, lashing out at the family, etc) that have been becoming more frequent and intense the last few months. It's gotten to the point that she has been in a therapeutic day program for the past week and will stay there for another week or so. The people who run the program have suggested putting her on medication, but I'm feeling like this is a very bad idea. My son is on a similar medication (atypical antipsychotics, prescribed for "mood disorders") and has had some very unpleasant and worrying side effects. He even said to her, "don't do it, do you want to end up like me?" The people running the program keep encouraging me to give it a try, but I feel like we tried it with my son and it didn't turn out well. It's like, I let him down I don't want to do the same with her, you know? She's a sweet lovely girl when she's not having a meltdown, and one of the things that happened with my son is his personality sort of "flattened", if that makes sense. I don't want to lose her to the drugs too.

UPDATE: Got my Zazzle store set up last night, I've put a link to it in the sidebar if anyone would like to check it out. DD seems to be doing better and is finishing her program today.