Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My thoughts about Michael Jackson

What a tragedy for the music world. We have lost a great talent. And there are reports today that his children were actually fathered by his dermatologist--my first thought was, so what?? By all accounts MJ was a devoted and loving father, and it takes more than blood ties to be a parent. The fact that he's not their biological father (and apparently never officially adopted them either) could lead to the courts putting them in foster care. This I think would be a HUGE mistake. The entire Jackson family has suffered a great loss with Michael's death, they don't need the trauma of the children being taken away from the only family they've ever known.


Laura said...

In California, children born during a marriage are presumed to be the children of the spouses. So in the case of the first 2 kids, since they born during MJ's marriage to Debbie Rowe, both are presumed to be the parents. No matter what happened at the time of the divorce, MJ is their father. In the case of the third child, Jackson used a surrogate who gave up any parental rights, but I believe he should have adopted the child to establish his paternity.

His biological ties are not as important as the legal ties - so as to the first 2 kids, they are Michael Jackson's and nobody will take them away from the family. The only situation which might arise would be if Debbie Rowe contests the guardianship which I understand she is seriously considering. However, since she apparently gave up custody at the time of the divorce, she might not have much legal standing to the children that she gave birth to.

This stuff is pretty complicated and more so because of the differing arrangements that were made at the time.


Lin said...

And here wherein the tragedy lies. Once again, an idiot celeb does things to appease themselves with no regard to the children they have in their care. Look at Anna Nicole--what a fiasco that poor child had to enure and will continue to do so forever. Shame on celebs who put their children in these situations. Michael Jackson was a pedophile and shouldn't have been allowed to raise children anyway. Now they will be pawns in a game to get them for their money. Poor kids.

Sandy said...

Lin is sure on the mark. I feel for the family because they've lost a family member. But, I do not think he was a good father, a good father doesn't put his children (birth or otherwise) in that situation. A good father doesn't sleep with little children, a good father doesn't hang babies out the window. He didn't seem to be a law abiding good citizen to me. He still owes taxes, if you did, or I did....people would not revere us.

Famous people seem to think they're above the law, and can live by a different standard.

Walter Cronkite, a wonderful man recently died...thats barely been given notice because of all the garbage about MJ.

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Tina said...

its a shame when things get dug up after someones death. it is the kids that suffer. poor things