Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's all downhill from here.......

Yet again it's been ages since I've posted and yet again I've come up with something depressing to talk about. This time it's downright morbid. I've been following the work of Stuart Wilde for a long time, recently I've reread many of the articles posted on his website. Linked from one was a site that talked about the Peak Oil situation, it's been estimated that we could run out of oil in as little as two years! Stuart Wilde is predicting that airplanes and cars will stop running as early as next year. We'll be thrown back into the 18th will we manage? I think about Dan Radcliffe (yeah, I had to bring him up, didn't I?) and young people like him and I think, are they going to get through this OK? They've grown up so immersed in technology, I know my kids are practically addicted to their video games and internet and stuff. Or will they manage better than us “old folks” (I'm nearly 40) because they have an easier time learning new skills? It's hard to say. The magnitude of the coming catastrophe is so huge it's hard to wrap your brain around, know what I mean?

Many of the websites I've been reading on this subject are predicting oil wars and famine and all sorts of horrible things. It's going to be years of chaos, maybe decades. Stuart Wilde has predicted in several of his articles that billions of people are going to die, he says it's the planet's way of protecting itself from the way we've been overusing and abusing its resources.

I've been wanting to do so much, get into art and theater and stuff like that—is there even going to be a place for that in the new society? I don't know. It's hard to commit to any sort of plan when the future is so up in the air. Maybe I'd be better off spending my time figuring out how we're going to survive—most of the websites I've been reading say that most of being prepared is having the right attitude (I'm trying, but I've been a little freaked out about the whole thing), but there are things that need to be done. Skills to learn, equipment to collect, that sort of thing. I'm seriously contemplating trying to find a local survivalist group to join.

Very soon life is going to change, drastically. Are we ready for this?

PS Thanks for all the comments on the last few posts, it's nice to know people actually read my ramblings!


RE Ausetkmt said...

HEY RUTH ! good to see you post again. so what's this about people in their 40's ? I'm in my 50's and I'd defy my grand daughter to keep up with me technologically. really doh My Girl. we still rule this world.

Dunappy said...

I'm in my 40's and I've got a plan. I've got horses. I really don't care so much about if cars go away. I'd rather have more time to stay home and tend the garden and care for the chickens and the horses.

storybeader said...

I think that if push comes to shove, Americans don't really need gas cars. We already have electric. And that will be a good thing. Our society can adapt... it always have. But the rich will get richer, and the poor, poorer. Hopefully, we'll have our health...

Laane said...

I knew we can't use oil and such forever, but that we're out of oil next year is just ridiculous.

And even then.

Especially young people are more flexible than we think, and when all young people have to go through something they all go through the changes. Just because the others have to go through it too.

No need to worry, I think.

And, like the others write, society is changing, always. By the time we need new forms of traffic, keeping our kids busy, etc. it all has been arranged.

Big huggsss

Hot Rocks said...

My husband is a geologist, and you can rest assured there is at least 40 years of oil left, and probably a lot more than that. So no need to worry yet!

Linda Hammelman said...

Ruth, how's your knitting going? Perhaps less time on the fringe blogs?

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, my blogging buddy ;]

Ruth said...

@RE Hey girlie! Nice 2 see u! Yeah, I know, I'm ::only:: 40, but sometimes I just feel ~OLD~, kwim? I realized this afternoon my birthday is exactly 2 months away, I'm like, OMG I'm middle aged and I feel like I've been spinning my wheels for the last several years.

Dunappy I wish I had the space here to have some animals. Would make things much more fun, I think. And the whole PO thing isn't just about cars, apparently once the oil crisis really hits the whole economy is going to come crashing down.

SB I hear ya--if you ain't got your health you ain't got nothing.

Appreciate the thoughts Laane! Society is in for a big change, whether next year or 20 years from now who can tell? I think it's better to be thinking about it and prepare for it than just say "oh it can't happen", though.

HR there's a geologist on the PO board I've been reading that's been saying the opposite--it's not entirely about how much oil is left but the political/societal response. At some point governments are going to start hoarding it and THAT's when the problems will really start.

Hi Linda, the crochet's doing good--got a couple new things I'm working on but I have to find some batteries for my camera before I can list them. The kids keep swiping them for their Wii-motes and GameBoys!

Right back atcha ABJ! I'm wearing green today and I wasn't even thinking about St. Pattie's when I picked out my clothes last night. I'm not even Irish, but it's been said everyone's Irish on St. Pattie's. :-)

I'm doing OK guys, I think I just have a hard time coming up with good things to write about sometimes.

CastoCreations said...

Seriously? This has you concerned? You know that they've been making these "predictions" for YEARS...literally decades. And yet we keep finding more and more sources of oil. I truly would not worry. You need to read some more positive sites!!!