Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sick kids and no phone service today!

My son threw up on the bus yesterday morning and was brought back home, he stayed home sick today as well. Whatever he has my dd caught it too, she stayed home today too. It was an oddly quiet day, we realized at about noon that the phone was dead! We called the phone company and they said they didn't have anyone available to come out until tomorrow afternoon at around 5pm. Oh well, thank goodness for cellphones! At least I have a laptop on broadband wireless service so I can get online, I'm not cut off from working on my Etsy shop listing and promoting my items. It's kind of frustrating when you pick up the phone and there's just dead air though. Anyway, I got this listed today:

Here's a pic, this listing is the pink one I have another listing up for the red one:

(The pic is still ending up at the top of the post! Still figuring this stuff out I guess.)

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RosieAnne's Crafts said...

Hope the kids feel better quickly and that mom takes some vitamin C, rests when she can and avoids getting this too. Have a blessed day!