Friday, January 16, 2009

A great idea to help save handmade children's products

I found this thread on Etsy, the OP there had a great idea. What if all small businesses/handcrafters/etc got together and sent something they made to President-elect Obama after he's sworn in? Maybe if a ton of handcrafted items hits Washington DC all at once the Powers That Be will finally sit up and take notice. The OP of the Etsy thread picked January 26th as the date she was going to be mailing something to the White House, I've decided I'm going to do it as well. Join us! If you make & sell children's items or have a business that sells other people's handcrafts, send something in on January 26th. The more of us do this the greater impact it will have. Here's the Etsy thread if you'd like to check it out:


Nancy said...

What a great idea, will check this out.

bikudesigns said...

Thanks for sharing the info.
Also, thanks for advertising on my blog!

Laane said...

Don't forget to involve the press, and make clear that most of you are moms.

I also think that with all those rules and regulations the government takes over the responsibility parents have.

We here get a little booklet what a baby is born.
In it advice for breastfeeding and such, developmental parameters, pages to fill in by the doc when a baby check up is done, weight, length and such, any advice given.

In the booklet also some legal things like what the law says about safety of babycribs

Govermental limits on toys only serve the industry, not the families, because families with more children have toys in the room which are not good for small children. Are the older kids forbidden these toys too?

I hope you'll succeed.
Maybe the blogosphere can back you all up.

Rhonda said...

Good idea. I do hope they will find some resolution to this issue. Though I do not create any children's items myself, I feel terribly for those who will be affected.

Nightshade said...

Thats a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing it!


CastoCreations said...

As much as I want to save handmade and thrift items I'd rather eat chunks of glass than send something to "the one".